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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AG Real Estate?

AG Real Estate is a parent company of Interparking, one of Europe's best known premier car parking facility operators. AG Real Estate is one of the principal shareholders of the Sicafis ( fixed capital real estate investment trusts) Befimmo, a former BEL20 -company, and Ascencio.

What has AG Real Estate done in Europe?

The group has completed developments of more than 2 million m² of office, residential and retail space in Europe. Several high-rise buildings in the Northern Quarter, the central business district of Brussels, were developed by AG Real Estate.

Who is AG market News LLC?

Established in July 2012, Ag Market News LLC serves Pennsylvania and Maryland Agricultural Communities. The only private firm in the US that is accredited by USDA, our services include auction reports, animal identification and animal grading. Read more about us.

Who is we real estate media?

We are a professional Real Estate media company that services the entire Greater Cincinnati area. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality and most comprehensive visual marketing services available. We would like nothing more than to join your team and become a part of your real estate marketing strategy.

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