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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automatic air compressor 1/4″ tank drain system?

Automatic Air Compressor 1/4″ Tank Drain System By StopWoofer: This Automatic Tank Drain By StopWoofer can easily help you to eliminate the water and debris inside your air tank. It features a digital controlled timer for intervals and for the automatic discharge times. The inlet and outlet size of the Valve is 1/4″.

Which is the best air compressor automatic drain valve 2021?

Best Air Compressor Automatic Drain Valve 2021. 1 1. Electronic 1/4″ Automatic Tank Drain By Suburban: 2 2. Ingersoll Rand 1/4″ Electronic Drain Valve: 3 3. Zijia 1/2″ Automatic Drain Valve: 4 4. Automatic Air Compressor 1/4″ Tank Drain System By StopWoofer: 5 5. Automatic Electronic Timed Water Moisture 1/2″ Drain Valve by Made in China:

Can a compressor auto drain valve be operated by air signal?

One of those, supplied by Grainger, is shown in this next photo. Some compressor auto drain valves can be operated by an air signal.

What kind of drain do you use for an air compressor?

The unit is extremely handy and is an AC 110V two-way, direct-acting auto drain that will automatically ensure that your air compressor is kept free of moisture at all times.

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