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7 hours ago Step by Step: Enable AirPlay on Roku. Go to “Settings”. Press the “ home” button on your remote to ensure you’re on the home screen. Now go to “settings” and press “OK” on the


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5 hours ago Stream Local Photos, Music & Videos from your phone or other media servers to your Roku connected Smart TV. App functionality of Roku Remote that control your Roku device. This app also Screen Mirror and Webcast. In Web cast you can stream video , audio and image with stream url. Supported Media Files : - Video file Mp4, MKV, MOV, m3u8.

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6 hours ago Features:-. - Built-in in app file manager. - One tap cast videos, images, music and documents. - easy to cast word, pdf, excel, ppt to device. - Manage videos easily from phone. - Open any installed channel directly from phone. - Built-in Roku remote , support all roku devices. - Mirror your phone by using one tap option.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cast apps to my Roku device?

Tap the casting icon, which is usually found in the top-right corner. Tap on your Roku device in the pop-up box. You will see a “connecting” message. Wait for your device to connect. Once the app is cast to your Roku, you will see the app or its content on your TV. You can use your iOS device to control the app.

What is a Roku box?

Rokus are handy all-in-one streaming boxes, but they can do more than just stream content from channels and services. You can also cast or mirror your screen straight to Roku, which is great if you want to quickly pop something up on the big screen.

Can I mirror my Roku to my TV?

Yes. Simply click on the Action Center in the bottom-right corner, go to “connect” and select your Roku device. What’s the Difference Between Casting and Mirroring? Although casting and mirroring have the same sort of end goal, they are a little different. Casting lets you launch supported apps like YouTube directly to your TV.

How do I get Roku to recognize my Roku device?

Select Your Roku Device Click on your Roku device in the sidebar. Select “Allow” on Your Roku Using your Roku remote, choose either “allow” or “always allow” and press “OK” to confirm.

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