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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Zillow cost?

Zillow is one of the leading real estate websites. It allows owners or agents to list homes for sale or rent. On the other side of things, users can search listings and view approximate property values. These services are free. You might wonder how Zillow offers so much valuable information at no cost.

Should You List A rental on Zillow?

You can access Zillow Rental Manager in several ways:

  • Go to www.zillow.com/rental-manager
  • Go to Zillow.com and select My Zillow > Zillow Rental Manager
  • Go to Zillow.com and use the top navigation to select Rent > List your rental > List your rental (it’s free)

Is Zillow rent estimate accurate?

Zillow isn’t trying to hide the imperfections of its Zestimates from consumers, and you can’t expect perfectly accurate estimates from competing sites, either. The point is for homeowners to use prices from Zestimates as a broad guideline, and contrast these figures against other sources.

How to List A rental on Zillow?

  • Online tenant screening, including background checks and credit reports
  • Digital lease signing tools allowing you to upload and sign an existing lease or customize a brand new one (customizable leases are available in select locations**)
  • Online rent payments for both one-time and recurring charges

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