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A Comprehensive List Of 2021 Real Estate Events — Virtual

3 days ago . 60 people watched

  • The Counselors of Real Estate 2021 Annual Convention Vancouver (Canada) November 8-11 National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) Fall Conference Miami Beach, Florida

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Addressing Inequities In Real Estate Through Education And

1 days ago . 59 people watched

  • Scott Real Estate, led by third-generation Chairman and CEO J
  • Lennox Scott, has been helping buyers and sellers realize their homeownership dreams since …

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New Program Aims To Increase Number Of Black Real Estate

7 days ago . 57 people watched

“The real estate industry has a checkered past and present, as it pertains to racial issues, from the early Jim Crow Laws to redlining, racially based zoning requirements and then steering

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What You Need To Know About Doing Part-Time Real Estate In

1 days ago . 59 people watched

  • Even if becoming a top-selling agent is the end goal, it might be helpful to start your part-time foray into real estate in a different position that will still help you learn about the industry

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As Ban Looms, Here Are Some Of The Best Real Estate

9 days ago . 52 people watched

  • The video above is a great example of the way people remix different images — including real estate ones! — over the same audio
  • The account that markets cheap rural land

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To Get Rich In Real Estate, You Have To Understand 1

Just Now . 53 people watched

  • Most real estate agents sell homes in areas where they’re most comfortable
  • If you’re comfortable selling $200,000 homes, then those are the customers that you will find easiest to attract.

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25 Best Real Estate Coaches

Just Now . 27 people watched

  • Coaching in real estate is a big deal
  • Some agents say the difference between their success and failure in this business is their relationship with their real estate coach -- so it's imperative

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Manhattan Real Estate Sales Hit 14-Year High

8 days ago . 44 people watched

  • Now, the state’s real estate market is once again beginning to pick up
  • Last summer, New York City apartments reached their highest vacancy rate in 14 years as its residents migrated out of the

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Celebrity Buyers And NDAs: How Secret Real Estate Deals

3 days ago . 56 people watched

Edward Mermelstein, a real estate attorney and founder of luxury consulting company One & Only Holdings, talks celebs, NDAs and what it takes to work with high-net-worth buyers.

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Faster, Easier, More Personal: How Tech Is Shaping Luxury

Just Now . 58 people watched

  • Technological developments continue to push the real estate industry to new heights, and the past few years have led to some significant breakthroughs.
  • It’s more essential than ever for real

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New Nonprofit Aims To Increase Diversity In Real Estate

9 days ago . 56 people watched

  • A new nonprofit spearheaded by T3 Sixty’s diversity initiative is looking to help individuals from underrepresented and underprivileged groups pursue a career in real estate

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Real Estate Agent News

7 days ago . 22 people watched

Inman provides the latest real estate agent news and insight for real estate professionals, brokers, and homebuyers looking to understand the residential real estate market and discover the most

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8 Selling Realities Every Real Estate Agent Needs To

4 days ago . 53 people watched

  • Practicing real estate is a second career for many
  • Prior to getting my real estate license, I was in the printed paperboard packaging industry selling folding cartons to national

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Elite 'athletes' Of Real Estate Find The X-factor At

9 days ago . 53 people watched

  • Tom Ferry is easily the top real estate coach in the United States, which made him an ideal choice for us
  • He and I share much in common, including working with our …

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What I’ve Learned About Mentoring In 30 Years Of Real Estate

3 days ago . 62 people watched

  • Sotheby’s International Realty was founded in 1976 as a real estate service for discerning clients of Sotheby’s auction house
  • Today, the company’s global footprint spans 1,000 offices

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Wholesale Real Estate Vs. House Flipping: Which Is Best

Just Now . 56 people watched

  • Real estate investing is an exciting way to build wealth and diversify your portfolio
  • Novice investors and seasoned financial pros are both capitalizing on the industry, breaking into markets of

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Is Independent Contractor Status For Real Estate Agents

6 days ago . 56 people watched

If real estate agents must shift to becoming employees, they will be entitled to a minimum wage, expense reimbursements, employee benefits, rest breaks, vacations and other benefits afforded to

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Doggy Marketing In Real Estate: Do's And Don'ts For Agents

9 days ago . 59 people watched

If real estate agents are going to do “doggy marketing,” always remember that your clients and their needs must be your primary focus, not you and your dog.

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Google Searches Soar For ‘Mortgage’ And ‘Home.' ‘Real

Just Now . 62 people watched

Real estate professionals will be facing more competition as there’s less activity in real estate.” Stech also said some of the shifts in consumer preference right now could have longer

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3 Real Estate Execs Talk Equality And Hispanic

Just Now . 47 people watched

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals kicked off its 2021 national conference with a poignant session about Hispanic homeownership rates featuring RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos

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Who's In Your Real Estate Target Audience

4 days ago . 41 people watched

  • They know you are in the real estate profession from your description, so just listen and provide them with great content and answers
  • Christina Garabedian is the CEO of Social With Tina , a

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6 Things A Technology Ecosystem Should Do For Real Estate

5 days ago . 58 people watched

  • Lone Wolf is the provider of real estate’s leading technology ecosystem
  • Built on the foundation of transaction and back office management and bolstered by …

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Keys To Addressing Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In Real

8 days ago . 59 people watched

“The real estate industry is a key vertical in the fight against racial injustice,” said Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® EVP of Operations and Corporate Counsel Jessica Edgerton.

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From The Deep Sea To Outer Space, This Real Estate Exec Is

4 days ago . 59 people watched

  • People in real estate are often known as high achievers
  • But Larry Connor, managing partner of Ohio-based real estate firm The Connor Group, is taking that stereotype to new heights.

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The Difference Between Market Price And Market Value In

1 days ago . 56 people watched

Real estate agents, marketing and even home staging can help bring those buyers to the property and entice interest; however, in the end the home has to …

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What This Spring Means For Real Estate: Buyers Beware

6 days ago . 53 people watched

The real estate market slowed to a crawl, prices dropped, property owners took apartments off the market, and some developers started selling condos in bulk at discounted prices.

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'Be Relentless': Real-Life Advice From Agents Managing

4 days ago . 55 people watched

2 days ago · Real estate professionals out in the field have thoughts and suggestions on how to manage the widespread low inventory this season Dillon Kydd / Unsplash by Lillian Dickerson

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What Does "Settlement" Mean In Real Estate

4 days ago . 52 people watched

The funds will be distributed in the form of a check to the sellers, the real estate agents that were involved in the sale will receive a check for the commissions that they earned, and the buyer

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Becoming An Effective Real Estate Mentor

4 days ago . 40 people watched

  • Beginning his real estate career in 2014, Ben quickly earned a reputation as a leader in the local real estate market
  • His passion for precision, attention to detail, superior communication skills

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Working With International Luxury Buyers — Now And Post

3 days ago . 58 people watched

  • 2 days ago · Demeure: Real estate is becoming more and more global
  • Even given the situation with COVID-19, most of my clients are buying real estate all over …

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What Does "Escrow" Mean In Real Estate

Just Now . 48 people watched

What Does "Escrow" Mean In Real Estate? Escrow is a term that homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents should be very familiar with and have a complete understanding of before buying or selling

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What are the working conditions of a real estate?

Real Estate Agents - Working Conditions. In a typical work setting, real estate agents: Have a high level of social contact. They are in constant contact with buyers, sellers, and other agents. Are often placed in conflict situations in which buyers and sellers may be rude or angry.

What to do to sell your house successfully?

What to Do to Sell Your House Successfully: 12 Universal Tips Virtually Every Homeowner Can Use Sign on with a stellar real estate agent-STAT. Hiring the right real estate agent should be first on every home sale... Use the 'invade your space' test to make sure you've decluttered enough. What's on your nightstand? A box of tissues,... More ...

What you should know before becoming a realtor?

Before becoming a realtor, know that requirements vary from place to place. However, all states mandate that candidates have a high school diploma and be 18 or 19 years of age. To perform real estate duties, the person must complete state-approved courses and pass an examination to earn their license.

How much does it cost to sell a house?

The cost ranges from about $500 to $1,000. The title company will run a title search on the property during the sale process. If a lien on your home is revealed, you’ll also need to settle it before you can sell the house.

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