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6 hours ago Search Jamaica real estate listings & discover luxury property for sale in Jamaica. Find your perfect property with 7th Heaven Properties. About. Leadership; Buying. Caribbean Real Estate; Luxury Caribbean Real Estate; Lowest price; Highest price; Newest; $300,000 . …


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1 hours ago Find Property for sale in Jamaica. Search for real estate and find the latest listings of Jamaica Property for sale.

Offer Count: 20
Price Range: J$2,500,000 - J$143,760,905.85


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7 hours ago The country’s inflation rate stood at 4.8% in November 2020, up from an annual average of 3.6% in 2015-19 but still far below the average of 11.2% in 2004-14. Overall, inflation is projected at 5% last year, still within the central bank’s target range of 4% to 6%.


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7 hours ago Index; Price to Income Ratio: 38.54: Mortgage as Percentage of Income: 379.52%: Loan Affordability Index: 0.26: Price to Rent Ratio - City Centre: 34.26

GDP Growth Rate: 0.70%
Population Growth Rate: 0.06%
GDP Per Capita ($) : 9,762.00


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6 hours ago Welcome To Jamaica Homes The best way to build, buy, sell and rent real estate in Jamaica. New real estate for rent and sale in Jamaica added daily, advertise yours for free! All Status For Rent For Sale Looking for Commercial - Land - Office - ShopResidential - Apartment - Condo - …


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hotels in Jamaica?

Popular Hotels near Pub Jamaica

  • Residence Ambient. ...
  • Hotel City Center. ...
  • Armatti Hotel. ...
  • Safrano Palace. ...
  • Kronwell Brasov Hotel. ...
  • Hotel Regal. ...
  • Hotel Ambient. ...
  • Hotel Aro Palace. ...
  • Casa Cranta. ...
  • Hotel Apollonia. ...

How much does a house cost in Jamaica?

The simple answer is that the cost to build a house in Jamaica is between $90 USD (low end finishes) and $130 USD (high end finishes) per square foot. And note that these prices includes both material and labour. So for a typical 2-bedroom house in Jamaica, which is usually 900 square feet, the cost would be approximately:

How to buy a property in Jamaica?

  • Search for your property using a local realtor or check out all of our Jamaica Property Listings.
  • After viewing your property, you can make an offer.
  • Instruct a local Attorney at Law to handle your purchase. ...
  • After your offer is accepted, you should conduct a title search and a land survey to ascertain proof of ownership and clear title.

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Is Jamaica a real place?

Yes, Jamaica is a real, independent island nation in the Caribbean (part of the Greater Antilles) with a rich history and culture. Lmaooooo. This Question made me laugh a lot.

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