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Kotzin Valuation Partners: Business Valuation, Appraiser

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Kotzin Valuation Partners' business valuation, appraiser and litigation support professionals offer valuation and Big Four financial advisory experience.

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Valuing A Gas Station, Convenience Store Kotzin

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  • Real estate valuation methodologies should be developed to generate “standalone” business and realty value conclusions
  • Rent paid to the convenience and gas station owner/landlord is an operating expense to the business component and rental payments are income to the real estate component.

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Professional Designations Kotzin Valuation Partners

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  • The Member of the Appraisal Institute designation is the most prestigious accreditation in the real estate valuation profession
  • All members must adhere to a strictly enforced Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
  • Current requirements to obtain the MAI designation include 380 hours of classroom

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Industry Experience Kotzin Valuation Partners

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Real Estate Development and Management Brokerage and leasing • Commercial developers • Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) • Holding and investment • Homebuilding • Hotels and resorts • Master planned communities - general • Master planned communities - retirement • Mini-storage facilities • Property management

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Larry Bloom, MAI, Real Estate Appraiser Kotzin Valuation

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Larry Bloom received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), his Real Estate Studies Certificate from the Real Estate Institute (New York University), and is a Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI).

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Business Valuation Knowledge Base: Kotzin Valuation Partners

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  • Business Valuation, Real Estate Appraisal, or Both? A business valuation methodology that generates stand-alone business and real estate appraisals may prove beneficial and provide a more accurate assessment of total value
  • Business Valuation in Divorce: State Courts Address Key Questions.

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Built-In Gains Taxes & Business Valuation Kotzin

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  • In Estate of Davis v.Commissioner (110 T.C
  • Tax Ct.), the court held that even though no liquidation of the company or sale of the assets was planned or contemplated as of the valuation date, a hypothetical willing buyer and a hypothetical willing seller would not have agreed upon a price that did not take into account the company’s built-in capital gains tax

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Blockage Discounts In The Valuation Of Public Stock

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The Estate Tax Regulations require the taxpayer to show (a) that the block of stock is so large that it could not be liquidated in a reasonable time without depressing the market; (b) that the number of shares ordinarily traded on the market must be so small, in comparison to the block, that even if the block is divided into smaller blocks

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Using An Optimal Capital Structure In Business Valuation

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  • If the subject company’s industry attracts specialty lenders (e.g
  • franchise restaurants, real estate, etc.), the appraiser may be able to talk to loan underwriters or obtain literature that would indicate the criteria used for making loans.

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KVP Welcomes Senior Associate Kenneth Zhu

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  • While completing his undergraduate education, Kenneth also completed an internship with Meritage Homes Corporation, a publicly traded real estate development company located in Scottsdale, Arizona
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Don Wenk, CPA, ABV, CFA, ASA, CFF: Kotzin Valuation Partners

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“Valuing Minority Interests in Closely Held Companies,” Real Estate Trends and Insights, Winter 2009 “Purchase Accounting: The Evolution Continues with SFAS 141R” (co-author), ASCPA eNews , July 2008

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Valuing Intangible Assets Kotzin Valuation Partners

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  • If a company owns intangible assets that do not seem to generate revenue, their value may be overlooked
  • Patents, trademarks, customer lists, copyrights and proprietary processes are examples of intangible assets that may represent an untapped source of revenue, and having a valuation for licensing or sale of intellectual property can be a real eye-opener.

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Valuation Of Promissory Notes: Not As Simple As It Seems

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Gift and Estate Tax Implications Treasury regulations utilize a fair market value standard that is defined in §§ 20.2031-4 and 25.2512-4: “[T]he fair market value of notes, secured or unsecured, is presumed to be the amount of unpaid principal, plus interest accrued to the date of death [or the date of the gift], unless the executor [donor

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Kenneth Zhu, CPA Kotzin Valuation Partners

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  • While completing his undergraduate education, Kenneth also completed an internship with Meritage Homes Corporation, a publicly traded real estate development company located in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Certifications and Designations

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Lynton Kotzin, Valuation Expert: CPA, ABV, CFA, ASA, CBA

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  • His diverse industry experience includes manufacturing, retail, wholesale, service companies, healthcare, professional practices and real estate
  • Before joining Kotzin Valuation Partners' predecessor firm in 2000, he was a Director in the Corporate Value Consulting Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Investing In The Legal Marijuana Industry: Opportunities

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  • Further, the banking industry’s reluctance to accept this industry makes it harder for potential marijuana businesses to purchase real estate, due to a shortage of lenders
  • Similarly, it is often difficult to persuade a potential landlord to lease space, as the landlord may worry about seizure of his or her property.

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Valuing Private Companies In A Volatile Economy Kotzin

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Dramatic declines in the values of real estate, marketable securities and closely held companies offer unique opportunities to reduce one’s taxable estate by gifting assets that are temporarily – we all hope – depressed in value.) Practicality and Logic.

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Addressing Valuation Is Essential To An Effective Buy-Sell

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  • Furthermore, if they do occur, usually it is only for the first few scheduled meetings, and very little (if any) real thought goes into setting the stipulated price
  • Again, the possibility that the stipulated price does not necessarily reflect the actual value of the interest may not worry shareholders while the …

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Valuation In Shareholder Disputes Kotzin Valuation Partners

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Our comprehensive valuation and financial consulting services are provided through integrated groups specializing in business and intangible asset valuation, litigation support, and real estate appraisal.

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Valuation And Forensic Accounting Engagements Kotzin

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  • In one year, the firm valued 23 family holding companies (family limited partnerships, LLCs, etc.) that held real estate, marketable securities or promissory notes
  • Our valuations were performed in connection with the gifting of interests in those holding companies or for estate tax reporting purposes.

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Discounts For Lack Of Control (DLOM) In Family Limited

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  • From his samples, the Holmans’ expert calculated median and mean discounts of 24.8% and 27.4%, respectively
  • Because the LP units had “virtually no ready market” and a willing buyer would have “no real prospects” of publicly selling those interests for full value, he …

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Cindy Andresen, ASA Kotzin Valuation Partners

4 days ago . 46 people watched

  • An Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Business Valuation, Cindy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Santa Clara University
  • For ten years prior to joining Kotzin Valuation Partners in 2017, Cindy was an associate director and manager in the Litigation and Valuation Services Group at Henry & Horne, and a manager at Ringel Kotzin Valuation Services.

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Tim Kolstad, CFA, ASA: Kotzin Valuation Partners

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estate and gift tax purposes Before joining Kotzin Valuation Partners, Tim was a financial analyst at Reuters StockVal (former fundamental research arm of Bridge Trading Company/Bridge Information Systems) at its Phoenix headquarters, where he was responsible for collecting, analyzing, adjusting, and restating corporate financial data for

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Business Valuation In Estate And Gift Tax Kotzin

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  • Our firm performs valuations of shareholder, limited partnership, and membership interests in closely held entities and qualified plans, primarily for estate and gift tax and other fiduciary tax reporting purposes
  • We also perform valuation of promissory notes and undivided interests in real property.

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Do You Know The Value Of Your Equity Rollover

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Assume that the value of a business is agreed to be $50 million (for simplicity, pre- and post-money debt have been assumed to be zero) and that the seller will maintain a 20% equity rollover interest after completion of the sale.

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Client Testimonials And Court Findings / Kotzin Valuation

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  • Kotzin showed by clear and convincing evidence that all of the funds and real properties involved in this case were acquired during the marriage
  • Kotzin’s report, the Court is able to calculate the amount of community money that existed as of the date of service.” - Judge, Maricopa County Superior Court

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Reconciling Conflicting Value Estimates In A Business

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Reconciling Conflicting Value Estimates in a Business Valuation Business valuation is more art than science, and the ability to reconcile differing value conclusions is an essential step in …

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The key to effectively apportioning real estate value and business value is an imputation of a fair market rent associated with the business’s real property. This imputed rent, which serves as a reduction of cash flows for purposes of generating a business value, also is the basis for determining the realty value.

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