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12 Homes You Can Buy Right Now For Under $10,000

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While the real estate market continues to rise, there are a still a variety of deals available across the state of Louisiana. Here are 10 houses that you can buy, either through auction or straightforward sale, for $10,000 or less.

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The World's Most Unique Mansion Is Home To Its Own Jungle

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Seacoast Real Estate Photography - Portsmouth / YouTube. While New Hampshire might be in New England, the inside of this home feels thousands of miles away from region! To see a full house tour, check out this video! Until you buy this house, you’re going to have to go outside to enjoy the New Hampshire outdoors.

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These 10 Unique Houses In Michigan Will Make You Look

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These 10 Unique Houses In Michigan Will Make You Look Twice… And Want To Go In. Our homes are special places where our families gather, where we watch the kids grow, and where we create lifelong memories.

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10 Most Expensive Houses In Indiana

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4. 1425 Castania Way, Indianapolis – $6,500,000. This home has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. According to the listing, it has 18 different rooms and a very open floor plan. What I really like about this home is the Asian-style theme. From the moment you walk in …

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The Most Unique House In Washington State

2 days ago . 41 people watched

Olalla is a peaceful place, overlooking Olalla Bay, the Puget Sound and Vashon Island. It’s home to a best-selling author, Gregg Olsen, and it’s also the place of one of the most unique homes on Earth. John L Scott Real Estate. This house is dubbed the real “Snow White cottage.”. Fit for an enchanting maiden and her dwarves, it’s a

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The 10 Cheapest Places To Live In SC That Are Still Great

8 days ago . 57 people watched

There you have it guys, the top 10 budget-friendly, but great places to live in South Carolina. If you hadn’t guessed, the way these were ranked was the cost for a nice 3 bedroom/2 bath home. Real estate seems to be a big factor in how towns …

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The 19 Cheapest Great Places To Live In Missouri

8 days ago . 48 people watched

1. Clarkton. The cost of living in Clarkton is 20.8% lower than the Missouri average and 27.8% less than the National average. Clarkton is located in Dunklin County, about 16 miles north of Kennett, and has a population of just 1,288 residents. It is the oldest city in the county.

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Here Are The 5 Richest People In Hawaii

2 days ago . 39 people watched

2) Jay Shidler. With an estimated net worth of $700 million, Shidler is a Hawaii real estate mogul, and one of the richest people in Hawaii. He is the founder of the Shidler Group, a Honolulu-based company which has acquired and managed more than 2,000 properties across the United States, including retail centers and office buildings.

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These Are The 10 Richest People In Michigan

2 days ago . 43 people watched

The founder of Quicken Loans, owner of the Cleveland Cavalier and a real estate mogul who's used some of his fortune to buy up dozens of downtown Detroit properties, Gilbert is worth $4.7 billion and ranks 341st in the world.

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This Wisconsin Home Is Unlike Any Other In The World

3 days ago . 52 people watched

John Burt, a local real estate investor, immediately purchased the home – boulder and all. Cathryn/TripAdvisor. Removing the boulder wasn’t an option, as it was too costly. So, Burt decided to leave the home as is and turn it into a tourist attraction. William Walther/Google.

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23 Missouri Hauntings That Will Give You The Chills

4 days ago . 51 people watched

The chilling part is that there is a real story in which the wife of a local judge named Della Hamilton McCullough was actually hit by a train and died in 1876. Since there are no other records of anyone being killed by a train in this area, it is widely believed that Mrs. McCullough may just be the actual famed ghost.

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8 Incredible Tiny Homes In Hawaii

3 days ago . 33 people watched

What is the average cost of real estate in Hawaii? Hawaii features the most expensive home prices in the nation, with an average of $996,822 for a single-family home, and a median of $810,000. For comparison, the average home price across the country in 2020 is just $320,000.

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10 Great Underground Places In Missouri

5 days ago . 39 people watched

Located 100 feet underground, Springfield Underground is cost-effective, secure, adaptable and environmentally friendly commercial real estate. Unlike Crystal City, Springfield Underground is mainly commercial, although they do have special events like the 5K pictured here. It is a limited access facility, but does have rail and truck access.

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Check Out The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Florida 2021

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2. Lake City. Flickr BEV Norton. With a population of around 13,000 in Lake City, this Florida spot comes in at #2 on the most dangerous cities list for another year. When it comes to crime, Lake City ranks especially high per 100k in larceny and property crime. Property crime statistics are at 6,432 while the USA average is at 2,109.

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7 Of The Richest People In New Orleans

4 days ago . 38 people watched

Another well known real estate developer in New Orleans, Mr. Kabacoff was involved in countless apartment, condo, and hotel operations throughout New Orleans and the greater gulf coast area, and has now expanded across the country. 7) Tom Benson, Networth: 2.2 Billion.

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17 Staggering Photos Of Red Doe, An Abandoned Plantation

1 days ago . 57 people watched

17 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Plantation Hiding In South Carolina. In March we published a photo gallery of an abandoned mansion being taken apart piece by piece in Spartanburg. In much of the feedback, readers of that article expressed a deep sense of loss and feeling of hopelessness about the pending demolition of that historic property.

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Keansburg, New Jersey Is America's Best Bargain Affordable

3 days ago . 59 people watched

Real Estate. With a median home price of under $100,000, you can find some great buys here. A condo is currently available at Beachway Townhomes, right across from the beach, for just $134,000. It offers 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a balcony and in-unit laundry. While the town isn’t perfect, there is plenty to do and you won’t beat the

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The Clark House: The House In Idaho With An Incredible Past

3 days ago . 59 people watched

They were real estate moguls who modeled the home after the summer palace of Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm. The couple had been guests of the Kaiser the previous year. The mansion is 15,000 square feet and was the largest, most expensive home in Idaho when it was completed.

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The 10 Best Cities In Alabama To Retire In

9 days ago . 42 people watched

Real estate is selling for 18% below the national average, and the city's personal safety is ranked in the top 15% in the nation. 2. Eufaula. flickr/JR P. Nestled in the southeastern corner of Alabama is Eufaula. This historic town offers a relaxed lifestyle and a cost of living that's 12% below the national average. Antebellum architecture, a

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20 Gorgeous Lakes In Tennessee

1 days ago . 30 people watched

9) Nickajack Lake. Bryce Edwards / Flickr. This reservoir passes through Chattanooga and is a great spot for lake rentals and summer home real estate. Also, Chattanooga is totally cool - you definitely want to visit.

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10 Houses You Can Buy Right Now In Pennsylvania For Under

9 days ago . 58 people watched

The truth of which is more beneficial really depends on your individual situation… Let’s say you’ve decided to purchase a home but are on a tight budget. Lucky for you, there are some great deals on real estate out there. We looked on Zillow to find some properties in Pennsylvania that can be yours for $15,000 or less.

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14 Creepy Houses In Florida That Could Be Haunted

7 days ago . 49 people watched

It was abandoned during construction due to the real estate crash. Flickr/Brett VA. 6. This dilapidated house in Brooker looks like the classic image of a haunted house. Flickr/Dan Tantrum. 7. This interior shot of the attic of an abandoned house near Crescent City gives me the creeps.

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The Infamous Lizzie Borden Murder House Is Now For Sale

7 days ago . 55 people watched

Real Living Real Estate. The property comes complete with a gift shop area and the option to also buy the mansion where Lizzie Borden moved after the trial. Real Living Real Estate. If you have a spare $2 million lying around and want to own a piece of Massachusetts history, head to the real estate listing below to schedule a tour!

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5 Houses You Can Buy Right Now In Kansas For Under $10,000

9 days ago . 58 people watched

Asking Price: $10,000. 2. Charming 2-bed, 1-bath fixer-upper in Junction City. Zillow. Zillow. Zillow. It definitely needs some work, but with the auction price starting at only $500, there will be plenty of money left over for renovations. 3. The 3-bed, 1.5 bath Kansas City home in search of a …

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11 Ways To Make Arizonans Mad

7 days ago . 29 people watched

Native Arizonans have a love-hate relationship with these folks. They do a lot for the economy by traveling during peak season, paying real estate taxes, etc. But there’s also that thing about driving and neighborhood favorites suddenly becoming more crowded.

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10 Most Charming Small Towns In Massachusetts

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This town was the site of The Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first battle of the American Revolution. Home to Minuteman National Historic Park (prime picnic real estate) and Walden Pond (Henry David Thoreau thought this was a pretty cool place), Concord is …

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11 Historic Districts And Houses In Idaho With Incredible

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But eventually, the allure of lakefront Idaho was too great and no expense was spared creating the ultimate honeymoon retreat for this real estate couple, which was given the name Honeysuckle Lodge. The property started at the corner of Prairie Avenue and Government Way, north to Hayden Ave., then south to the lake and followed the south shore

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12 Creepy Castles To Visit In Texas

2 days ago . 35 people watched

6) Texas Military Institute Castle: now supposedly used as an office for a real estate developer in downtown Austin, this hill country castle dates all the way back to the 1870s. Although it has historical markers on the property, it's not open to the public for tours.

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Rare 1950s Footage From North Carolina Shows Tourism Spots

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Since the 1880s, folks from all over the Atlantic region have chosen North Carolina as prime real estate for a vacation. As residents, we have to agree and give credit where credit is due: North Carolina is knock out, an irresistible temptation folks from near and afar turn to time and again for both rest and relaxation and adventures found

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10 Unique Coastal Towns In North Carolina

1 days ago . 41 people watched

Walk along the water or stop by the North Carolina Estuarium (fun for kids and adults). Established in 1770, Washington is a laid back place filled with unique history and beauty. 3. Morehead City. Located on the Bogue Sound, Morehead City is home to the iconic seafood restaurant - The Sanitary, founded in 1938.

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East 9th Is Most Haunted Street In Cleveland

2 days ago . 44 people watched

The location was prime real estate, and many developers made offers to reuse the plot for development. Bodies were even removed in the early twentieth century in preparation for new streets. But the Pioneers’ Memorial Association, which formed in 1915, ultimately managed to protect the remainder of the property.

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This Secluded Beachfront Restaurant In Georgia Is One Of

5 days ago . 57 people watched

That’s why ECHO on St. Simons Island deserves a tip of the cap. Not only is this dining spot on prime beachfront real estate with insanely awesome views of the ocean, but it also has a deliciously impressive menu for everyone. Take a look at this dining magic in Georgia. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life.

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11 Houses You Can Buy Now In Arkansas For Less Than $10,000

5 days ago . 59 people watched

This 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom fixer-upper has 1,199 square feet and was built in 1945. The listing price is $10,000 and all offers must be presented with the buyer's acknowledgement that the seller has members who are Arkansas real estate brokers. Conveyance of the property shall be made to the buyer by a Special Warranty Deed.

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1970s Time Capsule House For Sale In Massachusetts

1 days ago . 50 people watched

This groovy domicile in Framingham is for sale, and it’s pretty much a perfect time capsule from the 1970s. Check out these ridiculous pictures from the current real estate listing if you don’t believe me. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. While we continue to feature destinations that make our

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9 Of The Richest People Cleveland Has Ever Known

2 days ago . 48 people watched

Bertram Leonard Wolstein, known to friends as Bart and to the public as Bert, got his start in real estate development. His parents were immigrants from the Russian Empire and Bert was fluent in Yiddish. He began his career working for his wife's family's company, L&J Development, and helped build Great Northern Mall.

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11 Small South Carolina Towns Where Everyone Knows

2 days ago . 51 people watched

Lynchburg, SC is in the southeastern portion of Lee County. It's a small, quiet community with a population of nearly 360 people as estimated in 2014. Most remarkably, the size of this town has dropped considerably from the 2000 census report of 588 people. Consequently, there seems to be a lot of available real estate in this quiet little

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12 Best Cities In Hawaii For A Weekend Getaway

8 days ago . 46 people watched

The historic town later became the capital of a newly unified kingdom, before it moved to Lahaina, and later, Honolulu. Until the late 1900s, Kailua-Kona was a small fishing village, but the community witnessed a real estate and construction boom fueled by tourism, and is now a wildly popular vacation destination.

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The Hidden Castle In Florida That Almost No One Knows About

7 days ago . 59 people watched

Zillow. The castle was built over the last 30 years by one man, Bruce Woods. He hopes to have the project finally finished this year. Zillow. The four-bedroom castle has three bathrooms and lots of space, occupying over 4,400 square feet. It even has a matching 3-car garage.

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17 Amazing Beachfront Restaurants In South Carolina

6 days ago . 51 people watched

The Sea Captain's House is prime real estate on the oceanfront in Myrtle Beach. It's also prime real estate for your tummy. All we can say is "delish!" More info here. 3. BLU Restaurant & Bar - 1 Center Street, Folly Beach, SC. Yelp/Mary T. Yelp/BLU Restaurant & Bar.

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10 Reasons To Love Cleveland

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Compared to other similarly-sized cities in America, Cleveland offers prime real estate at reasonable prices. Once you get a little outside the city, into places like neighboring Lakewood, it's even more affordable. For an urban experience as varied and amazing as Cleveland offers, it's an absolute steal to live there.

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12 Strange Habits Every Of New Mexicans

1 days ago . 39 people watched

We’re total chile snobs and always reserve freezer real estate for authentic New Mexican chile. 6. We use chile in unexpected ways. Yelp/T. Jay S. As chile spreads in popularity throughout the country, people in other states are becoming accustomed to finding it in savory dishes and even in chocolate. But in apple pie, lemonade or on ice

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Definitely Take A Summer Day Trip To This Idyllic Town In

2 days ago . 58 people watched

Our incomparable natural beauty, affordable real estate and low tax burdens make it an incredible place to settle down. The largest city in Alaska is Anchorage and is widely regarded as one of the best places to call home. Enveloped by incredible scenery, Anchorage is home to bustling arts and cultural scenes, amazing restaurants and some of

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The Ultimate Waterfall Road Trip In Georgia Anyone Can Take

3 days ago . 59 people watched

One of the many waterfalls near Tallulah Falls, and absolutely one worth mentioning. The 100-foot-stairs are prime real estate for a photo op during this ultimate road trip. Click here for more information about this Georgia waterfall. Address: Lakemont, GA 30552

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Artist's Bridge Is A Tiny, Scenic Stop In Maine Worth

6 days ago . 54 people watched

The 100-foot long, 20-foot wide structure spanning the Sunday River was built in 1872 to replace the original which was washed away by a storm in 1811. Jonahs R / TripAdvisor. It's not uncommon to find people painting, sketching, watercoloring or photographing this super-scenic bridge. And while many people believe this is how it got its

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14 Reasons Why Everyone Should Marry A Vermonter

1 days ago . 48 people watched

Vermont can be rather expensive to live in. Rent prices, groceries, and real-estate can all be on the pricier side. But these negative aspects pale in comparison to the reasons why living in Vermont is amazing (read below).

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You Need To Check Out This Abandoned Place In Arizona

5 days ago . 53 people watched

In fact, you may have passed it a few times while traveling to Lake Mead or Las Vegas where it sits along Highway 93, about 20 minutes north of Kingman. It was established in 1937 by Nina Talbot, a real estate agent who planned on the area eventually transforming into a resort town complete with a unique attraction and a subdivision.

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12 Of The Best Small Family Owned Businesses In Georgia

5 days ago . 55 people watched

Commercial and residential real estate, relocation assistance, property development, and property management are their forte. RaceTrace Petroleum Incorporation. . From 1934, the company has grown into a store leader of 25 convenience outlets, from its humble start with a few gas stations. With time, it has spread into 12

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