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The High-Impact Sales Manager

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  • A No-Nonsense, Practical Guide to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance
  • In The High-Impact Sales Manager, you’ll learn how to transcend the daily grind and unlock the full potential of your sales team.

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3 Predictions For Selling In A Post-COVID World

8 days ago . 47 people watched

  • COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the work-from-home model (WFH) with many companies scaling back their real estate for offices
  • Tech giants like Google and Facebook have announced that their employees will be able to work from home through July 2021, which would mean that both companies will have operated for more than a year without most

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6 Key Tactics For Getting High-Quality Sales Referrals

5 days ago . 54 people watched

  • As a Managing Director at Sales Readiness Group, David helps large B2B sales organizations improve sales performance
  • Previously, David was a Principal at Linear Partners, a sales consulting firm providing sales strategy, sales operations, talent management, and interim management services to emerging growth companies.

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High-Impact Sales Manager

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  • By supplying your contact information, you authorize Sales Readiness Group to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services
  • You may withdraw your consent at any time.

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5 Items To Improve Your Sales Meeting Agenda

9 days ago . 44 people watched

  • Ray Makela is CEO and Managing Director at Sales Readiness Group (SRG)
  • He oversees all client engagements as well as serves as a senior facilitator on sales management, coaching, negotiation and sales training workshops.

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Customized Sales Training

1 days ago . 25 people watched

  • Download a sample curriculum for the Sales Readiness Group Comprehensive Selling Skills course
  • Find out what customized sales training can do for you.

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About real estate

Think about your own experiences: if you get a referral to a real estate agent, a new app or a great CPA, the first call you make will be to the one that someone has referred you to. Likewise, if a salesperson calls you and says they were referred by someone you know, chances are you will at least listen to what that salesperson has to say.


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How much can you make for real estate?

Real estate is often a referral-based business. Those who are involved in the business longer typically are the most successful. Those with 16 years or more experience earned the highest real estate income: approximately $78,850 on average.

What are the working conditions of a real estate?

Real Estate Agents - Working Conditions. In a typical work setting, real estate agents: Have a high level of social contact. They are in constant contact with buyers, sellers, and other agents. Are often placed in conflict situations in which buyers and sellers may be rude or angry.

What is the most expensive real estate in the US?

Manhattan real estate is the most expensive in the US per square foot with some properties topping $10,000: Study. Move over San Francisco — the Big Apple tops Silicon Valley as most expensive place to live in the United States, a new study shows.

What to do to sell your house successfully?

How to Sell Your Home Without an Agent

  1. Evaluate the current market. The first step in learning how to sell your house without a realtor is to get a pulse on your local real estate market.
  2. Choose your list price. When learning how to sell a house by owner, setting the right price for your home is one of the most important steps.
  3. Prepare and stage your house. ...
  4. Take listing photos. ...

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