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Historic Preservation FAQs SF Planning

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Properties tend to be improved rather than neglected and the neighborhood is less vulnerable to unregulated real estate speculation. Numerous studies have assessed the link between historic preservation and property value in small and large cities.

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Better Roofs SF Planning

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The largest potential benefits is added real estate value, which also accrues to the building owner. To read the full report, download it here. Contacts. We also love learning about new living roofs in the City, if there's one you think we should know about, please let us know! We are always open to new ideas and learning more about the best

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Places For People Proposal & Permit Application PACKAGE

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TO DPW TO REAL ESTATE If triggered If triggered If triggered If triggered If triggered If triggered Review & Approve Temp. Physical Treatments * DPW 7 Arts Commission Hearing ISCOTT Hearing 6 9a 9b 12 Public Posting SFMTA + ARTS COMMISSION If triggered If triggered NOTES: 1. Not all projects will have a call for proposals 2. Food service or

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Central SoMa Freeway Corridor Transformation Strategy SF

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The Central SoMa Freeway Corridor Transformation Strategy is led by an inter-agency* project team that will partner with the community to identify priorities for improving the approximately 10 acres of under-utilized state-owned land under and next to the I-80 freeway between 4th and 6th Streets.

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owners: individuals & families, real estate companies, etc. •In the United States, housing, though a necessity, is treated as a commodity and vehicle for investment. MEDIAN YEAR BUILT: 1947 . Mission Near Foote, 1915 . Alemany & Foote, 1926 . HOMEOWNERSHIP & RENTERS 18,270

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Planning Commission SF Planning

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The proposed real estate office will occupy 1,838 square feet of this space, and the proposed accessory art gallery will occupy 246 square feet at the entrance of the space. No interior tenant improvements or changes to any building façade are associated with this proposal. The subject property is located within the Sacramento Street NCD

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Designated Landmarks SF Planning

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Built in the Sunset District in 1933 and added to in 1940, the former real estate sales office for residential tract developer Henry Doelger. The building's muscular and eye-catching Streamline Moderne design was an effective marketing tool in promoting Doelger's nearby tract developments.

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Executive Summary 1650 Mission St.

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estate office; however, the real estate office still maintains its business operations in a second floor commercial space located in the subject building and ground floor commercial space located within the ()rq . Executive Summary CASE NO. 2011.0539C Hearing Date: October 6, 2011 2113 Union Street

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Conditional Use Authorization

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The proposal is for the legalization of an existing real estate brokerage (d.b.a. “The Agency”) within an approximately 903 square-foot tenant space located at the ground floor of a threestory mixed-use - building. The subject tenant space was previously occupied by …

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General Plan Amendment Initiation

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Real Estate Division (BF 180474) that proposes to rezone the subject properties to C-3-G. In order for the proposed rezoning to be consistent with the General Plan, Map 1 of the Market and OctaviaPlan must be modified to include the subject lot. General Plan amendments can only be initiated by the Planning s

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VP Real Estate 2000 Fifth Street Berkeley, CA 94710 Staff Contact: Mary Woods - (415) 558-6315 [email protected] Recommendation: Approval with Conditions 1650 Mission St. Suite 400 San Francisco, CA 94103-2479 Reception: 415.558.6378 Fax: 415.558.6409 Planning Information: 415.558.6377 PROJECT DESCRIPTION

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Conditional Use Authorization

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Francisco Real Estate Division filed an application with the Planning Department (hereinafter “Department”) for Conditional Use Authorization under Planning Code s 303 andSection 731.83 to allow a public use Mayor’s Office for Economic and Workforce Development(d.b.a. ) within the NCT-3

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Mission Action Plan 2020 SF Planning

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The Mission Action Plan 2020 was endorsed by the Planning Commission on March 2, 2017. The Plan identifies potential solutions for the residents, arts organizations, nonprofits and businesses being displaced by the rapid changes in the Mission. Most strategies in the Mission Action Plan 2020 are currently under implementation, specifically:

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Memo To The Planning Commission

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with the Real Estate Division (RED) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) to launch the SF Plaza Program. This new initiative is designed to activate the public realm while empowering interested and City-identified stakeholder groups to steward the long term care, maintenance and/or activation of plazas adopted into the Plaza Program.

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DATE: February 20, 2014 TO: Members, Planning Commission

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Memo DATE: February 20, 2014 TO: Members, Planning Commission. FROM: John Rahaim, Planning Director. RE: FY 2014-16 Departmental Budget . Department staff has been developing the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-2016 budget over the

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DATE: July 11, 2013 TO: Historic Preservation

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Given the current real estate market and -term neardemand for TDR, certify 1.2 million of the 3.6 million square feet of publicly owned TDRs, beginning with buildings that are (1) already both eligible to certify TDR (2) prioritized in the City’s 10and -year Capital Plan, such as the War Memorial Opera House and Veterans Building.

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Re: Removal Of Dwelling Units Periodic Adjustment To

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periodically by the Zoning Administrator based on established economic real estate and construction indicators.-,• , ., 1. 80th Percentile of San Francisco single-family home values (structure &land) S E $1,630,000.00 2015 City Assessor's ~ Data 2. Replacement Cost per square foot for all occupied, finished spaces c $240.00 `' i OBI Index ~ 3.

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Staff Directory SF Planning

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Name Title Division Quadrant / Team; Kate Black : Commissioner, SEAT 6 Real Estate Professional [email protected]: Commission : Historic Preservation Commission

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DATE: February 19, 2014 TO: Members, Historic Preservation

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Zillow Real Estate Research, Zillow Market Overview: Real Estate, San Francisco Metro, November 2013 . February 19, 2014 Historic Preservation Commission FY 2014-16 Departmental Budget 2 sixth lowest in the country. 3 The commercial real estate vacancy rate has declined over

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Market & Octavia Area Plan Historic Context Statement SF

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Along with the internet economy and ensuing real estate boom of 1998-2005, this revitalization has put pressure on long-term residents (particularly renters) and …

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REVIEWED BY: RE: Informational Presentation For India

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privately owned real estate development company BUILD proposed a public-private partnership to redevelop approximately 38 acres located along the India Basin shoreline into an integrated network of new public parks, wetland habitat, and a mixeduse urban village. - The attached memorandum focuses on one component of the India Basin Mixed-Use

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Greater SoMa Community Facilities Needs Assessment

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Departmentof Real Estate (DRE) to coordinate that agency's efforts to adequately plan for and locate future public facilities on City properties in the South of Market.” Southeast Framework General Recommendations

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uses include professional services such as real estate, accounting and various miscellaneous uses. The neighboring property to the west is a two‐family dwelling that is separated by an alley. The surrounding zoning is a mix of NCT and RTO‐M.

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Fee Waiver For The Eastern Neighborhoods Infrastructure

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Real Estate Division) and increase the waiver by $489,144, to a total of $2,369,144.fee Additionally, the Project Sponsor is proposing to increase their gift of improvements to the City by $525,942, to a total of $1,567,819. This gift would be addressed via a separate and subsequent legal agreement with the Board of

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(accountants, real estate offices, law offices). Please contact the Planning counter at 628.652.7300, [email protected] if you have questions about allowable uses in an LCU. In addition to the NC-1 rules applying to uses in LCUs, there may be additional restrictions based on proximity to nearby Neighborhood Commercial (NC) districts.

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Staff Directory SF Planning

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Due to state and local Declarations of Emergency and Public Health Orders, San Francisco Planning is operating remotely, and the City’s Permit Center is open on a limited basis.

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TO: FROM: REVIEWED BY: RE: SoMa Pilipinas Progress Report

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business owners and entrepreneurs. Business participants ranged from international real estate development to pop‐ups and ranged from retail to back room office support, health and wellness to restaurants. Meeting sizes ranged from 15‐30 participants. Outreach for the

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Re-Adoption Of Bicycle Policies New Bicycle Parking

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Real Estate Division . August 7 2012 . Initiation Hearing . December 13 2012 . Informational Hearing . May 16 2013 . Adoption Hearing . Bicycle Parking: Class One . Lockers . Cages or Locked Rooms . Bicycle Parking: Class Two Class 2 . Triggers for • New construction • Addition of dwelling unit

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San Francisco General Plan :: East SoMa (South Of Market)

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The mass production of live/work units was the first of two waves of real estate development that changed the landscape of SoMa. The second wave came in the form of new office space. Multimedia activities and computer animation brought people to San Francisco in the mid-1990s; eventually many of these newcomers migrated onto dot com businesses.

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Re: City And County Of San Francisco Comment Letter On The

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September 11, 2020 . Diane Wong . UCSF Real Estate - Campus Planning . 654 Minnesota Street . San Francisco, CA 94143 . Re: City and County of San Francisco Comment Letter on the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan DEIR Dear Ms. Wong, The City and County of San Francisco (City) appreciates the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and

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Staff Directory SF Planning

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Commissioner, SEAT 6 Real Estate Professional [email protected]: Commission : Historic Preservation Commission : Michelle Littlefield : Data & Analytics Manager [email protected] 628.652.7435: Administration : Data & Analytics Group : Deborah …

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Industrial Land In San Francisco: Understanding Production

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Finance/Real Estate Retail Manufacturing Wholesale Construction At the same time that San Francisco’s manufacturing and distribution functions were waning, the City was fast transitioning to an economy based on tourism and the service sector. The phenomenal growth of downtown signaled this change. New office buildings and the expanding range of

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Staff Directory SF Planning

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Name Sort ascending Title Division Quadrant / Team; Kurt Botn : Senior Planner [email protected] 628.652.7311: Current Planning : Flex : John Boldrick

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