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Using A Real Estate Agent On A VA Loan

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The most important thing a real estate agent brings to the table is experience – especially if they’ve worked with VA home buyers before. VA loans can be trickier than other loans, and not all agents have experience with them. If you’re using a VA …

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VA-Approved Lenders And Real Estate Agents

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  • Licensed and VA-approved lenders can help veterans understand and get the most out of their VA home loan benefits
  • Real estate professionals are trained and licensed to assist homebuyers in finding

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Veterans United Realty: Military Friendly Real Estate Agents

7 days ago . 60 people watched

Veterans United Realty is an independent affiliate partner of Veterans United Home Loans that offers a nationwide network of Veteran-friendly real estate agents. Veterans United Realty works to connect you with a locally-licensed agent who specializes in helping Veterans and military families find and purchase a home.

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Real Estate Agent Fees And VA Loans

1 days ago . 35 people watched

  • Real Estate Agent Fees and VA Loans Agents and brokers can be helpful for some people looking for that perfect neighborhood
  • Those who want to buy a home with a VA mortgage are free to take advantage of these or similar services.

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VA Loan Eligibility Basics For Agents

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A licensed real estate agent and former loan originator and attorney, Samantha has insider experience dealing with VA loans, from initial application and contracts to loan funding. Nearly 300,000 people follow her Veteran Friendly Real …

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Property Management Service Contract

4 days ago . 36 people watched

  • Property Management Service Contract
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) acquires properties as a result of terminations on VA-guaranteed and VA-financed loans
  • These acquired properties are marketed for sale through a property management services contract that was recently awarded to Vendor Resource Management (VRM).
  • The properties are listed by local listing agents

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VA Loans And Realtor Commission: Who Pays

8 days ago . 41 people watched

  • VA borrowers cannot be required to pay realtor commission according to a document published by the Cleveland VA Regional Loan Center
  • The document titled Closing Cost Information For Lenders (linked here to a downloadable.PDF file) gives specific VA policy with regard to the realtor’s commission
  • At the very end of the document, it says:

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Your Texas VA Home Loan Realtors (800) 936-1805 USVA

5 days ago . 55 people watched

  • USVA Realty has VA Realtors in every town, in every city, across Texas
  • Meet your local Texas VA Realtors today
  • Click the “Get Started” button on the right, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a VA specialist from USVA Realty will contact you today

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How To Battle Discrimination Against Veterans And VA Loans

5 days ago . 59 people watched

  • If you are eligible for VA home loan benefits, make sure that your real estate agent is familiar with the guidelines of VA financing and willing to fight for you
  • Battling the ignorance of uneducated real estate professionals, and sellers are something we have to do one person at a time.

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VA Loan Rules For Real Estate Agent And Broker Fees

9 days ago . 51 people watched

According to VA Pamphlet 26-7, Chapter Eight, Section Three, “Fees or commissions charged by a real estate agent or broker in connection with a VA loan may not be charged to or paid by the veteran-purchaser.”

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VA Loan Training For Real Estate Agents

1 days ago . 39 people watched

  • VA Loan Training for Real Estate Agents
  • Published on: July 25th, 2015 | Written by Jimmy Vercellino
  • For nearly a decade I have been doing VA Loan Training for Real Estate Agents here in Arizona and across the nation and I must be honest with you
  • Teaching is my passion and I absolutely love to do it
  • It gets my excited for a number of reasons

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1 days ago . 29 people watched

  • Listing Agent_____ Selling Agent _____ is the agent of (check one) (if not the same as the listing agent) contains a disclosure that the right of termination shall end upon the application for the mortgage loan
  • In order to terminate this Contract, the PERSONAL PROPERTY INCLUDED Included with the sale of the above real estate (if

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Veteran-Friendly Real Estate Agents

7 days ago . 35 people watched

  • Connecting Veterans to the top VA-specialized real estate agents
  • I'm a Real Estate Agent I'm a Home Buyer / Seller
  • 4.8463974939088 out of 5 Stars VA Loan Experts.

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Finding A VA-Specialized Real Estate Agent

5 days ago . 42 people watched

  • That’s why Veteran United Home Loans works with Veterans United Realty, a national network of more than 5,000 real estate agents who are handpicked based on their experience with military buyers
  • The VA requires properties to meet specific criteria and be in good repair
  • Condos and homes that are part of an association require VA approval.

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Using Power Of Attorney (POA) With A VA Home Loan

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  • VA Loans and General POA General Power of Attorney is, well, general in nature
  • It gives your assigned agent the power to handle a bunch of broad needs on your behalf, from filing taxes and making banking transactions to signing contracts
  • There are two scenarios that allow VA buyers to use a General POA.

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Real Estate Agents & VA Loans

7 days ago . 33 people watched

  • Veterans United coordinates Veterans United Realty, a national network of more than 5,000 real estate agents who specialize in military buyers
  • Veterans United loan specialists can connect borrowers to local agents who speak the language of VA loans
  • This program helps military members take full advantage of the benefits earned by their service.

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WeVett Find A Real Estate Agent The Right Way

6 days ago . 46 people watched

  • In order to find you the right VA loan real estate agent, we first need to discuss your goals for your real estate transaction
  • We usually do this in an initial 10 - 15 minute phone call.

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The Home Buying Process For Veterans

8 days ago . 36 people watched

  • What is the VA Home Loan Benefit? VA Home Loans are provided by private lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies
  • VA guarantees a portion of the loan against loss, enabling the lender to provide you with more favorable terms
  • Your real estate agent can advise you if these or other contingencies are typical in your real estate market.

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VA Loans Face Discrimation In Real Estate Market

8 days ago . 48 people watched

  • I have VA loan buyers that buy million dollar homes, have perfect credit, make a ton of money, etc
  • In fact the VA has essentially the same rate on a jumbo VA loan as a regular VA loan unlike the jumbo conventional type loan that is a .5 to .75% higher.

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Buying A Home With A VA-backed Loan Veterans Affairs

9 days ago . 53 people watched

  • Get recommendations for potential real estate agents online or from relatives, friends, and neighbors
  • Then meet with several agents to find one you like
  • Read all agreements before signing with an agent.

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El Paso VA Realtors (800) 936-1805 USVA Realty

9 days ago . 48 people watched

  • If you are ready to meet your El Paso VA Realtor, press the “get started” button on this page, fill it out and submit it
  • You will get a call from a VA specialist the same day to get you set up with your El Paso military specialized real estate agent
  • If you need a Texas VA loan in El Paso we can help get you pre-qualified.

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Houston VA Loan, Houston VA Realtor, Houston VA Real Estate

8 days ago . 59 people watched

  • USVA Realty is a real estate brokerage that caters exclusively to US veterans using their home loan benefits
  • We’ve been helping veterans buy houses for years, and our team of experienced professionals and VA specialists will help you navigate the seemingly complicated real estate market, particularly where VA transactions are concerned.

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VA Loan Fees The Borrower Cannot Pay

9 days ago . 36 people watched

  • Negotiating the interest rate on your VA mortgage with the lender is a stressful time
  • Read about potential discount points here
  • VA Loans and Real Estate Agent/Broker Fees “I just bought a home using a VA Loan and just found out that the electrical circuits are not grounded.

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How Can Veterans Compete In A Seller's Market

7 days ago . 45 people watched

For Veterans looking to use their VA home loan benefits, these “seller’s market” conditions make finding the right real estate agent more important than ever.

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FHA And VA Real Estate Exam

6 days ago . 28 people watched

  • Ready to ace your real estate exam? Learn More FHA and VA loans are classified as unconventional loans because they are backed by the government
  • The Federal Housing Administration, generally known as FHA, provides mortgage insurance on loans made by FHA-approved lenders throughout the United States and its territories

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Check VA Realtor & Real Estate Agent Reviews Zillow

8 days ago . 56 people watched

Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell your home, Zillow's directory of local real estate agents and brokers in Check, VA connects you with professionals who can help meet your needs.

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Can Realtors Be Loan Officers And Real Estate Agents At

1 days ago . 56 people watched

If the real estate client is not their own and does not represent the home buyer or property buyer as a real estate agent, then they can originate any mortgage loan program including FHA Loans, VA Loans, USDA Loans.

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Preferred Realtors That Work With Veterans Using VA Home Loans

4 days ago . 62 people watched

  • This page is under construction
  • Check back soon as we will be adding a list of preferred real estate agents around the country that have experience working with Military Veterans who want to user their VA Home Loan benefits.

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Real Estate Agent Resources Regarding VA Loans

2 days ago . 46 people watched

  • Our top VA Loan resources for Hawaii real estate professionals
  • VA Loan Checklist for Listing Agents
  • Hawaii VA Loans is not affiliated with any government agencies, including the VA
  • Hawaii VA Loans is a division of Land Home Financial Services, Inc, a VA approved lender

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Your Florida VA Loan Specialists

3 days ago . 32 people watched

  • Keller Williams Real Estate agent
  • Real Estate Title & Development
  • See More triangle-down; Pages Businesses Real Estate Real Estate Agent Your Florida VA Loan Specialists
  • English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France

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Real Estate With A REBATE, Full Service With 50%

8 days ago . 49 people watched

  • My Real Estate buyers are Investors, relocation, first time buyers, fha loan Va loan, conventional loan, short term rental properties, vacation homes, second homes, luxury properties, waterfront property, golf course, gated, secured, lake front, low maintenance homes
  • I offer closing cost incentives.

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Why Veterans Need Military-Friendly Real Estate Agents

8 days ago . 55 people watched

  • Having a knowledgeable real estate agent walk you through the home-buying process is imperative
  • This is especially true if you're buying with a VA loan.

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Real Estate Services For Military

4 days ago . 33 people watched

  • There are specific requirements to earning a VA loan, however, and working with a Real Estate agent who can navigate the nuances can pay off
  • Interest rate reduction refinancing loans can help military families lower their mortgage payments.

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Veteran Friendly Real Estate Agents & Sr. VA Loan

1 days ago . 54 people watched

  • Our experienced team of military Veteran “VA savvy,” Veteran friendly real estate agents & Sr
  • VA loan Professionals utilizes a set of very powerful programs only found here
  • Combine our team with our programs to achieve easier, better ways to buy a home using your VA loan
  • These programs have been called breakthrough…but we don’t want to oversell it.

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7 Tips For Getting A VA Home Loan

8 days ago . 33 people watched

  • Find a real estate agent that’s VA-savvy
  • It’s also important to find a realtor who is an expert in VA loans, according to Williams
  • and interest rate reduction refinance loans (IRRRL)

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VA Loans Good For Veterans But Home Sellers Often Leery Of

3 days ago . 59 people watched

  • VA loans come with red tape, appraisal delays and fees borne by sellers instead of buyers — all reasons offers are being rejected, agents say
  • In addition, real estate agents

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VA Mortgage Calculator

4 days ago . 22 people watched

  • It is best to find expert real estate agents or lenders who specialize in VA loans, but options for loans are limited to what they can offer
  • VA loans can only be used on primary residences (owner-occupied homes only), not investment properties or empty land
  • Relative to other loans, a lot of paperwork must be done at closing for VA loans.

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How To Find A Good Realtor For A VA Loan In 2019

8 days ago . 48 people watched

  • For example, the VA appraisal is a process that is specific to VA loans and may be unfamiliar to many real estate agents
  • Agents who have worked extensively with VA loans, however, know the timeline and Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) of a VA appraisal and can often work efficiently through any issues to help the loan close faster.

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How To Evaluate And Find A Good Real Estate Agent USAA

7 days ago . 55 people watched

  • Your real estate agent is organized
  • A sharp real estate agent takes good notes, shows up on time for appointments, follows through on promises, and doesn't make you repeat your questions and other requests
  • Your real estate agent knows the market
  • Your agent should demonstrate familiarity with the market for the type of home that interests you.

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Real Estate Professionals Real estate professionals help Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families find suitable housing. They can help find local lenders who provide VA loans and advise prospective homeowners about obtaining a VA Home Loan based on their professional experience.


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How do you qualify for a VA loan?

To qualify for a VA loan, borrowers need a stable income and adequate credit. Qualified borrowers can use a VA loan to buy a house or a condo (in a VA-approved complex), to finance construction of a new home, or to renovate or add on to an existing property where they live.

What are the requirements for a VA mortgage?

General VA loan requirements. While a VA mortgage's qualifying requirements are more relaxed than those for a conventional loan, an applicant still needs to have decent credit and sufficient income to buy a home. And the home being financed must serve as the primary residence.

Do I qualify for VA home loan?

VA Home Loans. Eligibility. You must have satisfactory credit, sufficient income, and a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to be eligible for a VA-guaranteed home loan. The home must be for your own personal occupancy.

What are the guidelines for a VA loan?

VA Guidelines. VA Guidelines to qualify for VA Loans are the following: No debt to income ratio requirements. No credit score requirements. 2 year waiting period after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 2 year waiting period after Short Sale, Deed In Lieu, Foreclosure.

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